Shower Column

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Includes a top shower set at the top of the showering column, a fixed pinhole in the middle of the shower column, a knob that regulates the water temperature and the flow size, and a hand-held shower, and a fixed guide groove for adjusting the height of the sprinkler installation. The fixed guide Groove is arranged on the side of the shower pillar, and next to the decorative surface, the section is T-shaped or C-shaped. A decorative plate is arranged on the front of the shower pillar, and the side is provided with a decorative surface. The utility model has the advantages of simple fabrication process, reasonable structure and a T-shaped or C-shaped fixed guide groove on the side of the shower column, according to the needs of different groups of people need to adjust the installation of hand-held shower or the height of the pick and drop; Integrated aluminum alloy shower pillar can be sprayed with various colors of coating, but also according to the different needs of users to make different lengths, To meet the needs of different users. The utility model has the advantages of low cost and safe and convenient use.

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