- Dec 25, 2017 -

Material: Steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub and pearl bathtub.

Cast iron bathtub: rugged luster, good acid and alkali performance, but bulky, difficult to carry, installation.

Acrylic bathtub: Shape changeable, light weight, good insulation effect, but because the hardness is not high, the surface is easy to produce scratches.

Pearl bathtub: Smooth surface, and pearl-like luster, sturdiness and durability, good insulation, light weight easy to install.

to drain valve: no matter what kind of material of the bathtub to drain the factory before the other good, this part is easy to be overlooked is also the most problematic, the purchase must be to drain the valve on the spot to try to install, operation several times, check whether the switch is sensitive and reliable.

If the bathroom area is small, you can choose 1400mm, 1500mm bathtub or shower room; If the bathroom area is large, you can choose 1600mm, 1700mm for the bathtub, if the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-grade Jacuzzi and double bathtub, or exposed bathtub.

Finally said in the purchase, the toilet of a variety of products, although the final installation, but to our bathroom outstanding personalized, must purchase other materials before purchasing their own satisfied bathroom products, so that in the bathroom products with their own full imagination space, so that your bathroom personality flying.

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