Bathroom Decoration

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Face table

Face table to choose the "whole body" (that is, the surface of the table material and internal material composition, color consistency), can not choose only a layer of surface plastic shell table, because only the surface of the plastic shell of the table once the damage can not be repaired. (To check whether the table is "all over", available light from the back close range of irradiation, can be translucent is "the" table). In addition, the countertop and sink seams must be filled with filler to prevent water from seeping through the seams.


Generally installed in the toilet, the habit of cement mortar filling to fix the toilet, in fact, this method is wrong, with this method to fix the toilet, the toilet can not be disassembled again and again, if the pipeline is seriously blocked, only knock off the toilet one way.

Air Suction Fan

In general, when people build houses, the bathroom ventilation equipment is not too much attention, most just install a fan of the exhaust. The bad gas in the bathroom doesn't get out of the room, it's still just circulating in the bathroom.

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