Bathroom Cabinet

- Dec 25, 2017 -

(1), the bathroom cabinet should choose to wall-mounted, legs higher or with wheels, so that can effectively isolate the ground moisture to the cabinet body invasion.

(2), to understand whether all metal parts is a damp-proof treatment of stainless steel or bath cabinets with aluminum products, so that resistance to moisture erosion will be strong.

(3), before the purchase, to check the opening of the cabinet hinge, the more accurate the hinge, the cabinet door will converge tighter, the more dust is not easy to enter.

(4), the choice drawer many bathroom cabinet, puts the small sundry goods very convenient.

(5), in the choice of bathroom cabinet style to pay attention to whether the protection of the water pipe maintenance and valve opening.

(6), the installation of bathroom cabinets should be careful not to damage to the inlet and outlet pipes, or in the use of leakage will be the cabinet body wet.

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