- Dec 25, 2017 -

Bathroom equipment selection should be based on personal life habits and functional use needs to consider, in addition, the allocation of space is also affecting the purchase of the assessment factors. According to the spatial size and distribution, it is very important to choose the model of sanitary ware. In general, rectangular bathtub is the most suitable for the space, but easy to appear monotonous, choose One-fourth curved bathtub occupies a small space, and more than the general long bath rich changes, only in the setting, must find the most suitable corner or with a low wall to the district, will not appear abrupt; round bathtub is more suitable for the bathroom space of the big ping number, the oven, Sauna and other spa equipment must have enough space to fully play the effect.

The style of the bathroom equipment not only diverse and increasingly exquisite, a variety of different bathtub modeling, material performance, wash basin form changes, shower, the style of the toilet, the rich variety of storage cabinets ... Whether it is the choice of the overall sanitary facilities, or the purchase of a single bathroom equipment, a dazzling array of products, each one to fondle admiringly, often do not know which one to choose.

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