Exquisite Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

Exquisite Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

This stainless steel bathroom collection is specially designed for people who wants a durable,easy-clean and full of morden feeling bathroom set.Stainless steel with a cute olive shape,unique.four or five accessories can be picked up by you.It is totally a great choice for your bathroom.

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Product Details

Exquisite Stainless Steel Bathroom Set-WBS0503A

1. Product Introduction

When we talk about stainless steel products, most young people thinks the stainless steel things couldn’t be fashionable. We developed the olive shape series with a minimalist design and original color, but cute and high acceptance. The surface is finished by stain coating, which bring us a good feeling when you hold it, not that cold, metal as it was in your memories. Even there are 6 items, but you can match freely according to your request. This stainless steel bathroom collection is specially designed for people who wants a durable,easy-clean and full of modern feeling bathroom set. It is totally a good necessary in your bathroom.

Model No.







Stainless steel

Stain finish


Soap dispenser

DIA:7.3x17.9 cm

Toothbrush holder

DIA:7.5x11.6 cm


DIA:7.5x9.3 cm

Soap dish

DIA: 13.9x9x2.5 cm

Cotton jar

DIA:7.5 x13 cm

Toilet brush holder

DIA: 12.5x17 cm

Why stainless steel is more popular in the market?

Because of its aesthetic appeal, stainless steel bathroom accessories and fixtures make a big impact in the look and functionality in the bathroom.

Stainless steel bathroom sets, substance and offer significant advantages over the other materials on the market. 

• Durable, as they don’t chip or crack when they dropped on the ground.

• More hygienic, as the hard metallic surface of stainless steel makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere and survive

• Simple to care for, do not tarnish and does not require any special cleaning products

• Lasting, as the finish doesn’t wear off over time and use like it typically does with vitreous china

• The most obvious benefit is the sleek, contemporary look.

Designer trends have brought exciting new colors and textures to residential bathrooms and light commercial restrooms. 

2. Product parameter, feature and application

4. Product qualification

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