Charming Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

Charming Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

Everything you need to create a bathroom that looks modern elegant can be found in this stainless steel bath collection. It appeals a luxurious but modest look you will love. The charming body designed will add a modern and clean accent l to any bathroom.

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Product Details

Charming Stainless Steel Bathroom Set-WBS0614A

1. Product Introduction

Life is simple. Simple is common, but necessary. It is also the starting point of the design. We just make 4 items with easy outlines to present our life attitude. Satin finish avoids finger print in some degree on the one hand and looks like outstanding on the other hand. The special wasp waist of the body represents the female beauty. Tell us even the common and boring stainless steel can be such funny and charming by a little easy change. You might need change and decorate your bathroom now.

Model No.







Stainless steel

Satin finish


Soap dispenser

DIA:5.6x18.8 cm

Toothbrush holder

DIA:6.8x10.1 cm


DIA:6.7x9.9 cm

Soap dish

DIA:11.1x2 cm

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Why stainless steel bathroom accessories ?

Let’s see the advantages of stainless steel: High profile, strong and durable, good for your health, what’s more, it never broken into pieces very safe in a bathroom.

2. Product parameter, feature and application

3. Product qualification

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