Plum Blossom Design Porcelain Bathroom Set

Plum Blossom Design Porcelain Bathroom Set

This bath set with plum blossom pattern looks refined and elegant. It is simple but nice. They are charming decorations to the bathroom. This porcelain bathroom set reveals the value. You will feel like being in the palace in the room with this royal collection.

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Product Details

Plum Blossom Design Porcelain Bathroom Set-WBC0471A

1. Product Introduction

Do you want a blossom bathroom where you can feel spring anytime. Here we recommend you a vivid plum blossom bathroom accessory. You can see the 3D effect on the body, the outline is very clear and the blossom is quite distinct. Porcelain send you a cozy feel when you use them. It is simple but distinguish. They are charming decorations to the bathroom. This graceful porcelain bathroom set reveals the value. You will feel like being in the palace in the room with this royal collection.

Model No.










Soap dispenser

6.5x6x20 cm

Toothbrush holder

8.2x6x11.5 cm


6.9x6x12.3 cm

Soap dish

13.9x9x1.8 cm

Begin by considering how many people will use your bathroom and how often. Do you need to choose practicality over luxury? Are you living with small children, teenagers, the elderly or only adults? Do people with special needs use your bathroom? Do you want a serene sanctuary to retreat to, a practical, easy to clean, efficient bathroom that gets the job done, or a bit of both?

Larger families

If you’re catering for the demands of a larger family, who’ll probably need to use the bathroom simultaneously, consider installing additional fixtures. Think about replacing a bath/shower combination with a separate shower, or, if possible, installing shower facilities and bathroom vanities elsewhere in the house. This is also relevant if you’re a busy couple and need to be ready and out the door at the same time each day.

Consider whether the facilities are suitable for the whole family. A step up to the bath is ideal for small children and handy for a parent when bathing babies or toddlers. Think about height restrictions and safety. Small children may bang their heads on low basins and tall people will be uncomfortable bending over low fixtures.

Elderly and very young

If your bathroom needs to cater mainly for older people, think about installing a low-sided bath or shower on rail with adjustable heights and hand-held features. Less-able people will also benefit from a higher toilet (Easy Height toilet) or Care toilet seat for easy transfers on/off the toilet. Consider your choice of taps too. Lever-operated fittings with Ceramic Disc Cartridges are more comfortable to use.

Bathrooms for the elderly or very young need to include safety features such as slip-resistant bath surfaces and mixer taps with temperature limiting devices to prevent scalding. Grab rails at key points in the bathroom such as near the bath, in the shower and next to the toilet are also a good idea.

4. Product qualification

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