Sea Shell Resin Bathroom Set

Sea Shell Resin Bathroom Set

An unique design carried out in transparant polyresin with real sea shells and sand inside. It seems the items are diving in the sea. With the colors black, purple, orange and white for your choice. Customized colors are welcome.

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Product Details

Sea shell resin bathroom set-WBP0246A

1. Product Introduction

You will say: “Wow, this is really like sand beach we passed by.” Yes, lots of sea shells and sand make it very vivid. That’s because we indeed put the real sea shells and sand in the transparent poly resin body. The transparent part seems like our clear and cool sea water. The sea shells and sand just lay down like them usually do. What a wonderful leisure time. Be full of happiness, joys of childhood and relaxation in the busy daily life. It would be perfect if you have a white bathtub and it is close to the window, you can see the green in summer, white snow in winter, beautiful “sea” in the whole year which created by our bathroom accessories. As if you are diving in the sea when you lean back in a hot bath . You will forget all the cares of the day. What a amazing necessary in your bathroom, don’t be hesitate any more. Now choose one color you prefer. Black, purple, orange and white for your choice. Customized colors are welcome.

Model No.







Crystal    polyresin

Hand Painting

Crystal polyresin

Soap dispenser

6x6x19 cm


6x6x10.9 cm

Soap dish

12.7x8.1x3.9 cm

Toilet brush with holder

8.3X8.3X40.3 cm

Our stroy 

Wesmo is a private company, known for its professionalism and the inspiring and innovative designs. It was established in 2004 in Guangzhou, P.R. of China and changed the Head Quarters Center to Kowloon (Hong Kong) in 2006 . For the moment, our Representative Office China (Sales & Export) is located in Panyu, Guangzhou (P.R. of China) and we run an European Representative Office Europe (Sales & Marketing) in Kampen (The Netherlands).

Our market

We are mainly focused on starting a relationships 'on long term' with 'growth oriented' middle and high end market companies. We developed many clients in the European, Australian and United States these years in bathroom and kitchen accessories fields. Because our good product qualities, high standard QC Managements and moderate prices we win a lot of valued customers.

2. Product parameter, feature and application

4. Product qualification

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